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What are Weight Bias and Stigma?



Weight bias is defined as the negative weight-related attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and judgments toward individuals who are at the ends of the weight spectrum. Weight bias does tend to be experienced differently by those who are overweight and obese. These attitudes are often manifested by false and negative stereotypes which cast large individuals as being physically unattractive, lazy, unmotivated, less competent, non-compliant, lacking self-discipline, and sloppy.

Weight stigma is “the possession of some attribute or characteristic - such as excess weight or being underweight - that is devalued in a particular social context”.


Why is it Important?

While it may be hard to imagine weight stigma taking place in health care settings, significant research demonstrates that health professionals may endorse stereotypes and negative attitudes about overweight and obese patients.

Extensive evidence also suggests that there is a significant impact of weight bias on mental and physical health, independent of weight. These impacts include:

  • Poor body image and body dissatisfaction
  • Low self-esteem and low self-confidence
  • Depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders
  • Maladaptive eating patterns and eating disorders                           
  • Avoidance of physical activity


What is Balanced View?

BalancedView is an evidence-informed resource designed to reduce weight bias and stigma among medical professionals, mental health professionals, allied health professionals and public health professionals across the province.

BalancedView was developed for busy professionals. The 5-module resource is an interactive and online tool that takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The resource can be completed any time, from any computer or smart phone.


What will I learn?

BalancedView has 5 modules, designed to enhance the awareness, knowledge and skills of health professionals in the area of weight bias and stigma.

Module 1: Understanding Weight Stigma
                -Identify some the consequences of weight bias and stigma

Module 2: Patient/Consumer Voices
                -Identify some of the challenges experienced by people who are overweight or obese when accessing the health care system

Module 3: Commonly-Held Beliefs and Introduction to Health-Centred Approaches
                -Reflect on commonly-held beliefs about individuals who are overweight or obese

Module 4: Professional Voices
                -Describe health professionals’ experiences using health-centred approaches

Module 5: Applying Health-Centred Strategies in Practice
                -Describe strategies for promoting a health-centred approach in the health care setting


Following completion of BalancedView, users can submit for professional development or continuing education credits.

Self-Learning Credits for Specialists (MOC Section 2 Credits)

Self-Directed Activity Credits for Family Physicians (Mainpro-C Credits)

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